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Protecting those who serve


Built tough to withstand most
extreme weather conditions and adverse climate events. Record or Live-stream videos all the while cataloging for review later.


Leveraging Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and web-based agnostic platforms to provide innovative systems development to support your critical missions.


Take control with our mobile and desktop applications providing a clear view of your connected devices. Gain a high-level view of assets deployed in the field.

Introducing the Body 10 HD Camera


The Jackal6 Body 10 has a compact yet simple design that makes this body worn camera (BWC) easy to use. The Body 10 comes equipped with a large one-touch action button, full-shift continuous video recording capabilities, high-resolution photo capture, automatic infrared (IR) illumination and secure Wi-Fi video connectivity via desktop and mobile devices.


High Battery Capacity

Continuous video recording up to 10 hours on a single charge.

Rigid Construction

Built tough to withstand most extreme weather conditions and climate events.

Compact Size

Recording power in a size so small , almost half the size of older generation cameras

Supreme Video Quality

Record crystal clear HD video for superior performance and post-event review.

Remote Configuration

Stream and replay videos right on your mobile device with Jackal6 Vision.

Pre/Post-Event Buffer

Configure your buffer times to capture before and after an event.


Look no further and get started today.


Contact us to request more information or setup a demo with no obligation. Jackal6 delivers superior quality, the longest battery life and the most features at half the cost of other brands.

14 West Main Street, Suite C |  Middletown, Maryland 21769 USA


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